Green Statement

To us, “Green” is not just placing a conservation logo on your printed piece. We believe it is just as important to provide a clean, green environment for our employees and customers.


2014 40 kilowatt solar energy installation along with LED lighting

  • High-efficiency heating and cooling systems
  • High-efficiency building design
  • Positive ventilation with outside air
  • Extensive use of natural light
  • Window shades to reduce heat penetration
  • In the KCPL MPower Program
  • Nighttime “Turn Down/Turn Off” utilities
  • Proper disposal of all materials


Recycle 100% of our waste paper from production

  • Recycle office paper, plastic, and metal
  • Recycle aluminum printing plates
  • Re-use packaging materials
  • Waste inks recycled
  • Accept recycling from neighbors
  • Shop towels are washed and Re-used


Use of Extremely Low VOC Chemicals

  • Paper suppliers with sustainability memberships
  • Most papers have recycled content
  • Soy-based process color
  • Less varnish/more aqueous coatings