When Last Minute Happens, Kendal King Group Goes to Mpress

When Last Minute Happens, Kendal King Group Goes to Mpress

Kendal King Group needed 75,000 display placeholders for their client in six days, or their client would lose valuable display space. The Kansas City-based retail-marketing agency called Mpress with the urgent request.

“We have a history being their go-to printer for last minute jobs because of our dependability, forthrightness and attention to detail,” recalls Ralph Myers, Mpress co-owner. “I know they called another printer before us who had a lower quote, but we got the job because there was no room for error on this project.”

Kendal King Group explained, “Mpress is solution-oriented, and they have local resources to call upon to get the job done.”

When the order of 75,000 turned into 150,000, every minute counted.

Mpress had approval on proofs for the specifically sized, die cut, shrink-wrapped in sets of 20, full-color cards. The custom die for the die cutting machine was rush-ordered and scheduled for delivery in three days. The monkey wrench came when the order doubled but the deadline did not change. Printing and cutting 150,000 wasn’t the problem, it was Mpress’s high-speed shrink-wrap machine that simply couldn’t handle the volume under those time restraints.

“Ralph was so calm and gracious throughout the whole process,” Kendal King Group remembers, “he came up with a solution that was comfortable for both of us.” The overflow of printed and cut pieces would go to a nearby fulfillment company that Ralph used regularly for projects.

All hands were on deck Saturday and Sunday. 

Despite the company normally being closed on weekends, employees reported to the plant floor Saturday and Sunday, and began printing and cutting 150,000 placeholder cards. At times, 16 of the 18 Mpress staff were hands-on.

The custom die arrived on schedule, and the die cutting and shrink-wrapping began. The first shipment of 60+ cartons left Kansas City late Monday afternoon. Production continued with everyone working hard at both Mpress and the fulfillment company.

What going above and beyond looks like.

The next day, while production was coming to an end on the plant floor and at the nearby fulfillment company, Ralph was on the phone looking for a shipping company to pick up the last 65+ cartons at the latest possible time. Finally, Ralph resorted to standing on the street to flag down his regular shipper, knowing he would have the solutions they needed.

Mpress finished the job at 3 p.m. Shrink-wrapping ended at 4 p.m. The shipper picked up the shipment at 5 p.m. How’s that for team work?

Business as usual at Mpress.

Mpress never accepts a print job of any size or deadline unless they have complete confidence that the necessary resources are available to finish the project to their high standards.

Even though jobs of this magnitude with an expedited deadline are uncommon, Mpress is no stranger to complex jobs and quick turnaround times. So when they do come in, it’s business as usual on the production floor. The team pulls together to not only get the project out the door on time, but to deliver perfection.

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